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The GTS range models are built cars in 1:43 scale. They are presented in a display box covered by a black, red and white sleeve.
The cars produced are primarily civil sports cars and concept cars - all are French and some of them are in racing version.
Ref. Brand Model Race Item Updated
GTS87001 Renault Etoile Filante Record du Monde Etoile Filante 11-03-2021
GTS132003/19M Renault 5 Alpine Gr2 Monte Carlo n°19, 2ème 23-10-2017
GTS132001 Renault 5 Alpine aucune / none noire 13-03-2018
GTS132002 Renault 5 Alpine aucune / none bleu métal 03-04-2019
GTS132003K Renault 5 Alpine Gr2 aucune / none version rallye 03-04-2019